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The Wind Resistance of Gantry Crane

The Wind Resistance of Gantry Crane

1.The Wind Resistance Problem of Gantry Crane,it is an important problem in crane design, the relevant
safety standards and regulations, the specific provisions of the crane should have the wind safety
facilities. However, large port orbital cranes wind damage accidents often occur, in serious cases,
several cranes together into the sea.

In the face of the accident, there is reason to doubt the original provisions and the correctness of the
theory,Even if put forward new theories,The introduction of new wind-resistant devices,is also
understandable.However, careful and objective analysis of the cause of the accident,Looking for
commonalities in accidents,Scientific and thorough solution to the problem, the more useful.

2.Common Points of Crane Wind Resistance Accident
(1)What is the common ground of the accident?First, the scene of the wind on the quantitative wind is very
vague, said the wind is great, but no one knows how much the wind in the end.However, local weather does
not have much wind, for example, more than 12 grades.The local typhoon photos, video comparison of the
wind-level table on the description of wind at all levels, all the wind scene of the accident are not more
than 1O level.How can this level of wind blowing over the crane it?Confused people that wind damage site
of the wind, not the general wind, but the squall line wind, there are said to be a class with the tornado
wind.Perhaps there is such a wind, but the wind seems to specifically toward the crane scraping, even in
close proximity to the trees, buildings, but can survive, a bit strange.

The common feature of the accident is that all wind-driven cranes have a gliding process before toppling.

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