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The maintenance requirements of Gantry Crane

The maintenance requirements of Gantry Crane

single girder gantry crane

First of all: before Gantry Crane factory, make a good record. Before the installation safety inspection and maintenance: Check the integrity of major institutional performance equipment, Check the main steel structure and the connection and the pin shaft, bolts visible defects. Check the equipment surface the corrosion situation, form records, issue the installation.

Second: Gantry Crane maintenance by designated persons. After equipment use, Daily maintenance should by device drivers or unit using a full-time staff responsible for operation, Installation maintenance units responsible for the supervision and content of daily maintenance and check the duty. Daily maintenance of the main content section summarized as “cross assignment method” : clean, tighten, lubrication, adjustment and anti-corrosion. At the end of the class, class 10 ~ 30 minutes a day, patrol equipment parts, each part is normal. According to the provisions of lubrication, note the mechanical operation of the sound whether normal, do the clean work and shift work. In order to achieve equipment clean and tidy appearance. The purpose of the normal operation, maintenance records and shift records to be made into a fixed form, and as the archives management.

Again: professional Gantry Crane regularly check-up. In the process of using equipment regular inspection and maintenance: Within the prescribed time several times for maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment, For cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, disassembly and maintenance as the center content. Generally by the maintenance personnel and operators to complete together.

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