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The maintenance of bridge crane

The maintenance knowledge of bridge crane

Bridge Crane hook

Bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment used in workshop and indoor and outdoor warehouse. Bridge crane is widely used in the industrial development,  not only the bridge crane can carry materials, the main reason is that it can not be hindered by the ground objects. But even if the equipment does not pay attention to good maintenance, but also difficult to use for a long time, Today we will introduce some knowledge about bridge crane maintenance.

The maintenance of bridge crane

The trolley is an important part in the structure of the bridge crane. Usually in the use of the crane will wear the trolley, affected by temperature and so on. If not often to maintenance crane, it will shorten the life of the bridge crane. According to the traditional maintenance method, if you want to replace the parts above the crane, you need to remove the reducer, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also will appear after this problem, always need to go back and forth the demolition. According to the new maintenance method, only need to use polymer repair.

In order to use the bridge crane for a long time, it is not enough to just rely on the above maintenance knowledge, also need to pay attention to daily maintenance. In appearance, bridge crane must be kept clean, no dust, if there is dust should be handled in time to avoid dust pile up, and thus affect the operation of the crane. In addition, as the crane maintenance personnel should check whether the crane reducer oil leakage in time. Once found abnormal, must check processing in time. Otherwise, it will damage the crane and shorten the life of the crane.

Bridge crane is important in industry, but in order to maintain the high efficiency of crane, it is very important of crane maintenance.

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