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The installation steps of gantry crane

The installation steps of gantry crane


1.According to the location of the design drawings, elevation rail installation, rail laying,Check the end
surface of the rail, straightness and twist,Meet the standard can be laid. Before installing the track
should be to determine the installation of the baseline,the installation baseline of the rail should be
the positioning axis of the crane beam.

2.Laying of track structure on steel beam,The actual centerline of the track on the actual center of the
beam position deviation should not be greater than 10mm, and not more than half the thickness of the web

3.The track shall be laid on the steel beam, and the bottom of the track shall be in close contact with
the top of the steel beam.When there is a gap, and the length of more than 200mm,Should be filled with
the plate, the length of the plate should not be less than 100 mm, the width should be larger than the
track bottom 10 – 20 mm,each group should not be more than 3 layers of pad, pad and welded with steel beam
fixed,After the mat is welded with the steel beam fixed.

4.The deviation of the actual centerline of the rail from the horizontal position with the installation
reference line shall not be greater than 5 mm for universal gantry cranes

5.When the span of the crane track is less than or equal to 10m, the allowable deviation of the track span
is ± 3.0mm

6.When the crane span is greater than 10 m, the deviation is calculated as follows, but the maximum should
not exceed ± 15 mm.
△ S = ± [3 + 0.25 (S-10)] Where: △ S-crane span allowable deviation (mm) S-crane track span (m)

7. The longitudinal inclination of the top of the track for its design position,General gantry crane
should not be greater than 3/1000, measured every 2m, the whole trip height difference should not be
greater than 10 mm.

8.The allowable deviation of the elevation of the top of the track from the design elevation is ± 10 mm
for a universal gantry crane. The elevation of two parallel tracks of the same cross section is relatively
poor, ± 10 mm for a universal gantry crane.

9.The joint positions of the two parallel rails shall be staggered, and the staggered distance shall not
be equal to the base distance of the front and rear wheels of the crane.

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