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The condition of the crane in good condition

The condition of the crane in good condition

There are many components on the crane that require torque transfer to operate, so couplings are used very much. However, in the actual use and maintenance of cranes in the process, even small couplings are often some failures, and thus brought a lot of bad impact.

There are four basic working mechanisms for cranes: Lifting mechanism, running mechanism, slewing mechanism, luffing mechanism, and driving device, fetching device, operating system, etc. The parts with holes are very large. Once these holes are blocked, it is easy to cause the failure of the corresponding mechanism or system, thus affecting the service life and work performance of the crane.

The main roles of these channels are oil recovery, overflow, exhaust, drainage, dust discharge and so on, If a blockage occurs, the function cannot be brought into play, The failure of the system or mechanism will result in failure, and even damage to some components, resulting in reduced service life, which is a very serious consequence for cranes.

To sum up, the crane should be wary of channel congestion, In the daily maintenance, maintenance, overhaul in the process of the crane, shall be maintained of each channel unobstructed, in order to maximize its role, ensure crane in good condition.

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