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The Common Damage of Gantry Crane Hook

The Common Damage of Gantry Crane Hook

single girder gantry crane

Gantry Crane Hook group in the using, the appearance can be seen in the form of loss ring, hook mouth parts often wear and pulley wheel crushing.

The wear of hook mouth is a normal phenomenon, mainly for lifting heavy objects, it is necessary to adjust the center of gravity, forcing the rope or spreader at the hook at the sliding wear.

The crimp of the pulley is broken, mainly caused by the collision, because the hook group did not rise to the necessary height, the car was unstable or crooked slanting, heavy lines and lines have a strong swing to the pulley collision to other objects On the resulting; there are drivers in violation of operating procedures, do not check the limit switch lifting conditions, do not pay attention to the lifting of the hook, resulting in hook “God”, so that slip ring

Gantry Crane Hook group is not easy to occur in the hidden dangers, often the end of the hook tail thread or thread and the stem between the empty knife slot, due to stress concentration and cracks. Repair the hook nut should be removed, clean the dirt on the top, carefully view. Also check the hook nuts and hooks bolts, or other parts of the connection is loose or cut off the situation, to prevent the hook off their own. Also check the hook tail thread of the hook nut corrosion, if necessary, smear.

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