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Steel Factory Cast Ladle Crane

Steel Factory Cast Ladle Crane From China Nucleon Crane Supplier



QDY Steel Factory Cast Ladle Crane with hook is mainly used at the place where the molten metal is lifted.The working class of the complete machine is A7,and thermal—protective coating is added at the bottom of the main girder.The assembling and test of the crane conform to the document No.ZJBT[2007]375 which was issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People’S Republic of China.The place where molten nonmetal material and red-hot solid metal is lifted also can refer to this document.

Steel Factory Cast Ladle Crane
Steel Factory Cast Ladle Crane

Environmental conditions:

1.The power of Steel Factory Cast Ladle Crane is three—phase AC;rated frequency is 50HZ;rated voltage is 380V;

2.The temperature of working environment is-10~+60℃;

3.The relative humidity is no more than 50% when the temperature is+40℃;

4.If the requirements are more than above-mentioned,it shall carry out the requirements in the purchase contract as the user asks.

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