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Single Girder Overhead Shop Crane

HD Single Girder Overhead Shop Crane

HD Single Girder Overhead Shop Cranes are used for medium and heavy-duty manufacturing. They are designed with high configuration and are developed with advanced design technology in accordance with European FEM standards. The crane is mainly composed of main beam, end beam, trolley, electrical part and other components. Bridge cranes are very suitable for low-rise buildings that require high lifting heights.

This newly developed HD Single Girder Overhead Shop Crane has a compact layout and a modular structure design, which effectively utilizes the available lifting height and reduces the investment in the steel structure of the workshop. The most effective space configuration is the double main beams and the crane system running on the top, which is most suitable for end users with headroom problems

Single Girder Overhead Shop Crane
Single Girder Overhead Shop Crane
Model HD
Type HD Single Girder Overhead Shop Crane
Load Capacity(t) 1-20t
Lifting Height(m) 3-35m, or customized
Span(m) 7.5-31.5m,or customized
Travel Rail P24-P43
Long Traveling speed 3-30M/Min,customized
Cross Traveling speed 2–20M/Min,customized
Working Class A3-A6
Electric hoist type European Hoist,CD Hoist,Chain Hoist
Origin Henan,China
Working temperature -20℃-45℃
Way to control Cabin, pendant push button.wireless remote,
Safety device Buffer,current overload protection,overload device,power failure protection
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