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Single Girder Gantry EOT Crane

Main Features of MH model Single Girder Gantry EOT Crane:

1). Light structure, easy installation and maintenance;
2). Widely used in different places for hoisting such as factories, warehouses and material yards;
3). Reasonable structure, strong bearing capacity ;
4). Low noise, soft starting and stopping ;
5). Safe and reliable operation ;
6). Low cost maintenance, long working life;
7). Strong box type, welding by machine hand.;
8). Wheels, wire rope  drum, gears, couplings are processed by CNC machine center, TOP quality control;
9). Heavy duty slip ring motor, Or Sq. cage motor with VVVF, IP54 or IP44,insulation class F or H, soft starting and smooth running
10). Siemens main electric parts are used for durable and safe operation.
11). Prohibited to use in the environment with inflammable, explosive and corrosive media.

 Single Girder Gantry EOT Crane
Single Girder Gantry EOT Crane
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