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The composition of the pulley hook group

The composition of the pulley hook group

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The pulley hook group is made up of several fixed pulleys and dynamic pulleys, can save the force and change the direction of the force. In use, the amount of labor and rope winding depends on the use of pulley block. A movable pulley is borne by two ropes, that is, the force of each rope and the force of the pulley is one of the points of the total weight of the object and the moving pulley.

Hook group is one of the most common hoists in hoisting machinery. Hook is often with the aid of pulley block parts such as suspended on the wire rope hoist.

Hook according to the shape is divided into single hook and double. According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into forging hooks and laminated hooks. Single hook manufacture is simple, easy to use, but not in force, mostly used in the weight of 80 tons the following work situation. Folding plate hook by several piece of cutting forming plates riveted together, The whole hook will not be damaged when the crack appears in individual plate, the safety is better, but the weight of the hoist is larger, and most of them are used on the crane with large lifting weight or hoisting the ladle of molten steel. Hooks are often impacted during operation and must be made of high quality carbon steel with good toughness.

Hook classification, generally includes: the shackle, ring, ring, pear ring, long rings, composite rings, S hook, hook nose, American hook Claw hook, eye hook, belt insurance card lifting bolt, shackle chain, has the characteristics of unique, innovative, high quality and safety. Apply to factory, mine, petroleum, chemical industry and dock, etc. To ensure safety, quality and safety coefficient, static load three times. from 5 tons to 150 tons in weight

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