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Points for Attention in Repair of Overhead Crane

Points for Attention in Repair of Overhead Crane

Overhead crane in the maintenance process should pay attention to the following questions:

1, before the overhaul should organize the repair personnel to do the work of security.

2,check whether the running wheel bite the rail, cracks and other phenomena, brakes, buffers, the limit switch, bell is intact available.

3, whether the electrical circuit heat, aging, leakage and so on.

4, wire rope, hanging chain is worn seriously, whether the deformation of the hook.

5, whether the safety rail defects, the reducer is running the remaining normal, with or without oil spills.

6, Overhead cranes fire extinguisher is valid, the fire extinguisher type selection is correct.

7, strictly prohibited across the Overhead crane operation.

8, check whether the contactor ignition, card astringent phenomenon, whether the contactor core oil, the terminals, the resistance of the phenomenon of oxidation of the heating, the motor of the collector ring with or without ignition.

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