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Outdoor Gantry Crane

MG type Outdoor Gantry Crane

The MG type European standard Outdoor Gantry Crane with hook is designed and manufactured by European FEM advanced standard.

Outdoor Gantry Crane
Outdoor Gantry Crane

Compared to general MG type Outdoor Gantry Crane. its rated capacity is 3~20t, the main feature of is characterized by European trolley. The whole trolley has reducer hard tooth surface. three-in-one drive. adopted PLC+ frequency conversion technology, which comprehensively improves the whole performance of the product, while the overall weight of the crane lighten more than 15% and the wheel press 10~20%. This product can widely used in factory, freight yard. warehouse and other places for cargo handling.

MG type Outdoor Gantry Crane Solutions can use our thousands of hours of experiences to help our clients choose the right system for the equipment

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