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operation requirements for overhead cranes

Twelve safety operation requirements for overhead cranes


General safety requirements for overhead cranes drivers

First, the relevant personnel should carefully transfer the class, the hook, wire rope, brakes, safety protection device to seriously check the reliability and found abnormal reports in a timely manner.

Second, before starting the operation, you should confirm the following conditions in a safe state to boot:

(1) whether all controllers are at zero;

(2) whether there is any personnel on the overhead cranes and the working area, whether the operator has evacuated to the safe area;

(3) whether there is an obstacle in the scope of operation of the overhead cranes;

(4) whether the minimum distance between the overhead cranes and other equipment or fixed buildings is above 0.5 m;

(5) whether the power supply circuit is locked or warning signs;

(6) whether the flow crusher in accordance with the requirements of a good venue, firmly and reliably play the legs.

Third, before driving, you must ring or alarm; operation close to the people, should be given to ring tones or warning.

Fourth, the driver in the normal operation of the process, shall not be the following acts:

(1) parking with the location limiter;

(2) the use of anti-car brake;

(3) during the lifting process to carry out inspection and maintenance;

(4) with the load to adjust the lifting, luffing mechanism of the brake, or with a load to increase the operating range;

(5) hanging things may not pass from the top of the head, hanging objects and under the arm can not stand.

Fifth, in strict accordance with the command signal operation, the emergency stop signal, no matter who issued, must be implemented immediately.

Sixth, hanging load close to or reach the rated value, or lifting dangerous goods (liquid metal, harmful substances, flammable and explosive), before the lifting of the brake carefully check, and with a small height, short trip test hanging, to confirm no problem And then lifting.

Seventh, the overhead cranes parts, hanging and auxiliary equipment and the minimum distance of the transmission line should meet the safety requirements;

Eighth, the following circumstances, the driver should not operate:

(1) Overhead cranes structures or parts (such as hooks, wire ropes, brakes, safety guards, etc.) have the effect of safety work defects and damage;

(2) hanging material overload or overload may be, hanging material weight unclear, buried or frozen in the ground, squeezed by other objects, in the operation may not crooked slanting;

(3) hanging material tied is not strong, or hanging instability, heavy objects between the edges and sling with no pad; was hanging objects or floating objects;

(4) workplace dark, can not see the venue, hanging things or command signal.

Ninth, the work of a sudden power failure, all the controller should be set to zero, turn off the total power. Before re-working, you should first check the work of the overhead cranes is normal, to confirm the safety before the normal operation.

Tenth, there are two sets of main and auxiliary hoist institutions, not allowed to use the main and vice hook work (designed to allow a dedicated overhead cranes out).

Eleventh, with two or more overhead cranes to lift the same weight, each overhead cranes shall not be overloaded. The transfer process should keep the wire rope vertical and keep running synchronized. During the lifting, the person in charge of the technical staff and the safety technician should be present.

Twelfth, open-air track overhead cranes, when the wind is greater than 6, should stop working; when the end of the work, should anchor the overhead cranes.

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