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The new order electric winch from Malaysia

The new order electric winch from Malaysia Dated 21st, April, 2017, Nucleon crane group signed the new contract with Malaysia clients about 1 set JM model electric winch (JM low speed winch,the length of wire rope 100m ). JM model low speed wire r…… Read the rest

5 Ton Electric Hoist Delivery To Port

Two sets 5 Ton Electric Hoist Delivery To Port Dated in 27th, March, 2017, the delivery of Electric Hoist (CDH5t H=6m, A3) ordered by our Sudan clients has been done. Within the required delivery time, Nucleon crane group successfully completed the…… Read the rest

Nucleoncrane’s Sudan Electric Hoist Order

On March 14, 2017, Nucleon and Sudan’s customerhas signed new 2 sets CD Model 5 ton Electric Hoists(CD 5t H=6m). Customers purchasecrane used for steel processing. Requires two hoists synchronize and increase the anti-sway function. This is N…… Read the rest

400/30TON Double girder gantry crane

Double girder gantry crane 400/30ton+400ton-52m H=36m have finished and delivered.   This crane matched with Siemens S7-400PLC, realize programming and remote automatic control. we also independent research and develop crane correction system, mon…… Read the rest

Nucleon power Taiyuan railway construction

Breaking the monopoly of the industry, achieve the domestic initiative – Nucleon power Taiyuan railway construction Nucleon production of pipe cranes supporting the largest diameter of the earth pressure balance shield machine “Kirin” …… Read the rest

MES system successfully run

NUCLEON company MES system successfully run MES system on-line running meeting Electric hoist workshop have achieved the process of drawing view, the quality of the file back, production scheduling scheduling monitoring technology The morning of…… Read the rest