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LD Electric Single Girder Crane

LD Electric Single Girder Crane is a small-size low headroom crane. The electric hoist is
at one side of the girder, which increases the workspace.
It is applicable to the places where the workshop’s headroom is low.
The crane is composed of a box-shaped girder weld by steel plates, an end girder, crab frame, and a fixed electric block. The crab is partially hung and runs at one side of the g rider. The electric hoist is raised to the upside of the girder from under the girder, which effectively increases the lifting altitude.
The crab is braked by a conical motor and driven by exposed gear.
The girder, of box-shaped structure and bias rails, has horizontal wheels at the upper and the lower, so that it is safe and
reliable and can avoid rail gnawing.
The trolley adopts a separate drive, conical motor brake and exposed gear drive. The traveling motor can be  soft start motor and variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor according to user requirements. The crane can start steadily and runs safely and reliably.
It has three operation modes: ground handle, wireless remote control and cab. The cab has two types, open cab and closed cab. The span of it is 7.5-22 5m(subject to non-standard design according to user s requirements). The classification group is A3 and the operating ambient temperature is-25℃~40℃

LD Electric Single Girder Crane
LD Electric Single Girder Crane
Capacity 1~32 ton
Working Duty A3~A5
Max Lifting Heigh 32m
Max Span 35m
Traveling Speed 30m/min
Lifting Speed 8/1.3 m/min
Control Method Pendent Line Control+Radio Remote Control
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