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Industrial Gantry Cranes reducer lubrication


The Industrial Gantry Cranes reducer, gear tooth surface lubrication is used in almost all immersed in a note in a shell of a reducer lubrication oil to achieve, because the Industrial Gantry Cranes mechanism gear usually have relatively small peripheral speed.

In order to reduce the rotation resistance of the Industrial Gantry Cranes gear, thus limiting the heat of the reducer, it is suggested that the depth of the gear sink in the lubricating oil should not exceed three modulus. When the modulus is greater than 20 cm and the viscosity of the lubricating oil is high, the depth of the gear sinking into the oil is sufficient only to be equal to the height of the tooth. Only low speed gears with no rib on the wheel pair allow for greater depth.

In the two grade and three grade horizontal gear reducer, crane lubricating oil level should be adjusted so that even if the high level large gear tooth can be immersed in lubricating oil.

In the vertical reducer of the Industrial Gantry Cranes, When the method of immersion in oil is used to lubricate it, the gears in the upper and middle are lubricated by the spatter of the lubricating oil. It is also possible to use a lubricating pinion supported by a slaughterboard, which is freely mounted on a rotating shaft and is driven by one of the large gears. When the type of lubricating oil is rotated for the gear reducer, the circumferential velocity, the average temperature of the surrounding air and the allowable specific pressure must be taken into account. Arm stress is related to tooth surface hardness. Therefore, for the types of gear rotating Industrial Gantry Cranes of lubricating oil, can consider the circumferential velocity, surface hardness and average temperature of the air around the tooth. For two stage and level 3 of the reducer, A lubricating oil that uses viscosity as the average value of the viscosity of lubricating oil required to lubricate each transmission class. On the crane gear reducer, when the ambient air temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, the working temperature of the lubricating oil should not exceed 55 degrees.

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