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How to store overhead cranes for a long time?

How to store overhead cranes for a long time?

store overhead cranes

The overhead crane is disabled, for long-term storage, in order to shorten the service life or prevent parts of corruption, need to do the maintenance and management measures.

On the one hand must carry on the comprehensive thorough cleaning, Repair the damaged parts, keep to normal operation. On the other hand, keep it in the damp proof room, the ground smoothly and to lay the board. Cover with a cover, keep each machine can free access.

Best to set the mechanical fuel control lever in the idle position, the joystick Settings in the neutral position.

And, for the engine, the battery storage mode is also very important. The engine needs to be filled with diesel and antiseptic to prevent the tank from rusting. When deactivated, start the engine once every month, let the parts lubricate, produce new oil film, and prevent the machine from rusting. After take off battery unmounted, clean up, stored in a dry place, if it is a lead-acid battery, need to charge once a month.

There are two ways to deal with and prevent rust, Deposit is a former, found local antirust paint falls off, can be used for processing, if it is a large loss, need the machine spray paint repair. The second is for mechanical operation equipment scraping off paint, you can take the paint off the place of butter method.

The long-term storage of overhead  cranes, in addition to the above several, but also should pay attention to its maintenance in climate conditions and overhead crane safety management preparation. That is to say, overhead cranes are best not to park in various complicated places or areas. All kinds of weather can affect its performance, can turn it into a fixed parking space. At the same time should strengthen the security management, guarantee the safety and durability of the product.

So you can better maintenance management the overhead crane, in order to better use.

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