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Electric Bridge Overhead Crane

Electric Bridge Overhead Crane for walking on a roof is composed of box type bridge frame, lifting trolley, crane traveling mechanism, and electrical system. It is an excellent choice where high speeds and heavy service are required. As the widely used hoisting machinery currently especially is suitable for working at warehouses and freight yard and other department it is prohibited to use the equipment in the combustible, explosive or corrosives environment.

It is rely on the bridge frame along the workshop orbital direction moving longitudinal, the trolley along the main beam direction moving transverse and the hook lifting movement to work. High lifting capacity of this crane is designed with two hooks that means two independent sets of hoisting mechanism. The main hook is used to lift heavy objects while the  auxiliary used to lift light objects,the auxiliary can also be used for collaborative main hook tilting or tipping the material. However, don’t use the two hooks to lift at the same time when goods weight is over the auxiliary rated capacity.

Electric Bridge Overhead Crane
Electric Bridge Overhead Crane

LH Double Girder Bridge Overhead Crane

Capacity: 5,10,16,20,25/5,32/10,50/10
Span: 7.5-25.5m

Lifting height:6-30m

Speed:Single speed,Double speed,VFD speed control
Lifting Tool: Electric Hoist
Usage:Powerplants,Workshop,Warehouse,Cargo storage areas,Docks
Control:Handle /remote control
Working Class:A3/A4

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