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Crane parts chain hoist

Crane parts “chain” is also the need for maintenance

chain hoist
Lifting chain tightness should be appropriate, too tight easy to increase power consumption, bearing easy to wear; too loose chain easy to jump and off chain. The degree of tightness of the chain is: from the middle of the chain lifted or pressed, the distance between the two sprocket center is about 2% -3%.

Sprockets installed on the shaft should not skew and swing. In the same transmission components in the two sprocket end face should be located in the same plane, the sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters below the allowable deviation of 1 mm; sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters above the allow deviation of 2 mm.There is no friction chain.
When the sprocket wear serious, should also replace the new sprocket and the new chain, to ensure a good engagement. It is not possible to replace the new chain or the new sprocket individually.
Failure to do so may result in poor engagement in accelerating the wear of new chains or sprockets. Sprocket tooth surface wear to a certain extent, should be promptly turned over to use (referring to the use of adjustable surface sprocket). To extend the use of time.

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