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Cable Pulling Electric Winch

Types of the Electric Power Cable Pulling Electric Winch


  1. According to the working speed, the hoist winch can be divides into 2 types, fast speed electric winch (JK type) and slow speed electric winch (JM type) .
Cable Pulling Electric Winch
Cable Pulling Electric Winch
  1. JK type high speed electric winch mainly is used for materials lifting and traction the low weight duty contruction. It also used for crane as main hoist; it is the special winch of derrick and gantry frame and lifting trolley. It is suitable for construction and small equipment installation of construction mine area lifting factory.
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    3. JM type slow speed electric winch can lift heavy weight in the Construction Site and Port pier; it also can be used as traction power in installing of the factories and mines. It is not only can single use, but also can combined with other large-scale and complex machine.
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