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Bridge Overhead Crane

Double Beam Bridge Overhead Crane

The electrically operated Double Beam Bridge Overhead Crane has the vitality disposition lift hook to be suitable for the machine-finishing, the assembly;

The workshop, the metal structure workshop, the metallurgy and the Foundry as well as each kind of warehouse lift the work, general bridge-type hoist crane design manufacture standard

Bridge Overhead Crane
Bridge Overhead Crane

1, GB 3811-83 Bridge Overhead Crane design standard

2, GB 6067-85 Bridge Overhead Crane safety regulation

3, GB/T 14405-1993 general Double Beam Bridge Overhead Crane

4, GB 10183-83 Bridge Overhead Crane and the portal type hoist crane manufacture and the track installation tolerance general Bridge Overhead Crane examination, the inspection standard and the standard
1, JB/T53442-94 general Double Beam Bridge Overhead Crane product quality classifies
2, GB5905-86 Double Beam Bridge Overhead Crane experiment standard and procedure
3, GB6067-85 the Double Beam Bridge Overhead Crane safety regulation
4, GB5972-86 Double Beam Bridge Overhead Crane tool steel wire examination and the abandonment practical standard.

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