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Bridge crane maintenance

Bridge crane breakdown maintenance matters needing attention

In the process of use, often encounter the rising fault of single grider bridge crane , cause of fault most probably is the problem of power supply line, line control equipment or control device.In addition to rising fault, hook can’t fall, and the hook can use ,hook has a crack problems exist safe hidden trouble.As the common faults in single-beam crane fault,it is important to have correct understanding of the hook fault.


Hook is the most common fetch device on single girder bridge crane ,bearing heavy load When lifting.In the process of operation, once hook damage fracture, consequence is unimaginable.In order to ensure that the use of safe, when using, must strictly abide by the operation, prohibited to overload.Inspection is to hook, wear, and the corresponding safety devices, etc. For scientific analysis.If discover the hook there is crack, according to the GB10051-88 standard.

Single girder bridge crane hook maintenance matters needing attention:

1)In the maintenance of crane, remove and check hook axis, horizontal single girder bridge crane, pulley, bearing and cleaning lubrication,the hook of crack can not exist, or according to the rules to deal with.
2)Check the dangerous section and wear condition, when the wear degree is more than 10% of the original height, as scrap,Replace the processing.
3)After overhaul to test hook, with 1.25 times rated load of suspended more than 10 minutes, hook elastic open mouth is not higher than 0.25% of the original size, and no deformation, crack after download.
4)After the board hook riveting, the clearance between the plate and not more than 0.3 mm

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