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5 Ton Double Girder EOT Crane

OVERHEAD CRANE – 5 Ton Double Girder EOT Crane
FEM/DIN standard 5Ton Double Girder EOT Crane is designed and manufactured with European standard. The lifting capacity of this FEM/DIN double standard overhead crane can be up to 800t. The trolley is installed between two main girders. Thus it increases the traveling scope of spreader. This crane is with reliable performance, flexible application range, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

5Ton Double Girder EOT Crane
5Ton Double Girder EOT Crane

5Ton Double Girder EOT Crane Safety :

  1. Safety supervision system is with an overload limiter and shows the load value on screen to warn operator to avoid overload;
  2. Before start up, the whole system will carry out self-checking includes: power supply voltage, default phase, validity of the safe protection device and the zero button;
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